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At Ash Koleshions, we're passionate about bringing you the best in tailor-made clothes for men. We're not just an online store; we're a team of professionals who are dedicated to curating and delivering top-quality products that enhance your lifestyle.

Your Favourite Fashion & Clothing Online Store.

The brand has gained several official recognitions in the fashion industry in terms of awards and citations.

 In Spite of that, what we really take pride in is the sense of satisfaction we get from our clients and their lasting pride and joy in the brand.


Our mission is to create designs that are in perfect conformity with customer specification to abolish any stiffness in the fashion industry and in the process, urbanize fashion.


Non diluted high demand perfume oils have been added to the collection.

Our Products

Traditional wears like kaftan, agbada, etc to summer wears, cargo pants, hoodies with cargo pants, high fashion jackets and pants, two piece and three piece suits, highly designed kaftans with customized cuff links etc

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Meet Our Creative Team

We have a competent team of designers and apprentices. We also have external stakeholders like brand models and brand ambassadors.

Williamson Seth Ashitey


Ashitey profile pic

Richmond Ashitey

General Manager

Ash Koleshions Team

Team Members

Experienced Fashion Designers



Stylist Designer of the Year


Ash Korleshionz


Most Fashionable Finalist

Best Quality Designed Oufits & Clothes At Affordable Price!

We design to suit the desires and needs of every client as they want it and treat our work with the outmost importance.

Coupons and Discounts are given occasionally. Terms and conditions apply

Worldwide Shipping

We deliver to any place that can be located on a map!

Best Quality

We use the finest and quality of fabrics and materials for you.

Best Offers

We give you quality at an affordable and competitive price.

Secure Payments

Your payments through credit card and Mobile Money are secured and safe.

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